Welcome to the world of Spy Harder. As a new special operations agent, you have taken your first step into a world of intrigue and adventure. In performing your duties as an agent, you will routinely travel the world, uncover sinister plots, and help make the world a better and safer place for the unknowing public.

The world of Spy Harder is similar to the real world, but with some added twists. There are many amazing advances in technology available to agents. Advanced weaponry, surveillance equipment, supersonic transports, super computers, and hidden complexes (just to name a few). Yet, despite all of these technological advances, criminal masterminds are still able to find uncharted islands, underground bases, space stations, and the like. Agents must always be on the lookout for enemy operations.

Your enemies will be many and your friends few. Head on down to the armory and pick yourself up a trusty sidearm. Perhaps you’ll also want to travel over to R&D and try out a few unique gadgets. If you are feeling particularly brave, you may also want to brave the halls of the mysterious Bureau 13. As always, learn fast, work hard, and Spy Harder.

- Agent Director E • Special Operations

Spy Harder

Spy Harder

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